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Some new words have been added to the Hyperlog Diary.
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Saturday was the day of big leaps. The whole team started with breakfast at 07:30 am and we were back at AutoWorld around 08:00 am.

Everything we did this Saturday can be summarized in styling, coding, trying, bug fixing and amazement. The case appeared to be a little bit tougher and the feedback we wanted to incorporate was pretty huge, so we had shortage in time. We decided to split up the group.
The people that had to be there on Sunday, all fresh, went to the hotel a bit sooner and the ones that had to keep coding and fixing stayed to prepare the demo. It was a day full of ups and downs. Optimism as we got a step ahead, but also complete mental breakdowns when we thought of what had to be done (and that can be a hassle with a ticking clock right in front of your nose).

Very pragmatically, our plan was adjusted, solutions were found and everything fell in place to get a really good demo ready. Just before 06:00 am on Sunday morning, we were finally there. We can now present a ‘happy flow’ and with that the demo was saved. It still is a bit odd to raise our glass on a time you usually get up.

Because the next item on the agenda was at 09:00 am, there was little time left. Luckily a hot shower can get you up and running in no time. After a good breakfast we started working for the last three hours on the final preparations. To be honest, we’re looking forward to the presentations and are full of adrenaline to successfully finish in these last hours.

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